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    Default Rules

    These rules apply to anything on DQ or the forums, including private messages or page comments, profile comments and group discussions. Some sections may also have individual rules, be sure to check before posting.

    Major Rules:
    1. No racism or racist remarks.
    2. No Porn is allowed. Links nor images etc.
    3. No Gross, Extremely Violent & Gory images/content allowed. (Snuff Photos).
    4. No insulting statements towards fellow members. (This is flaming).
    5. No discussing serials, warez, cracks. That means where to obtain software illegally.
    6. Do not discuss anything that may be illegal, if its in a gray area best to ask a mod/admin first or don't post at all.
    7. Do use common sense when posting, and be courteous to your fellow members.
    8. Keep swearing to a minimum, and do not put swear words in a thread title, username or signature.
    9. Do not claim other's work as your own. When we find out (and we do), you may be banned!!!
    10. Do not have multiple accounts, if we find them (and we do check!) you may receive a permanent ban.
    11. Do not circumvent a temporary ban by attempting to create a second account or using another person's account. When we find out, you WILL receive a permanent ban.

    If you already have multiple accounts, please let us know and we can merge the accounts. You will not be infracted.

    Remember that people of many ages and many cultural backgrounds visit this website. If you are not tolerant of other people's backgrounds please do not whine about it here. While we do have discussions on those issues, attacking or insulting someone because of their race, sex, religion, beliefs or otherwise will result in infractions, repeated actions will earn you a ban.

    Minor Rules
    • Maximum signature image dimensions are 500px wide, by 80px tall.
      Your post may include an image, and one line of text, or if there is no image, three lines of text. It is up to you to ensure your signature meets the guidelines or you may be infracted without warning.
    • Try your best with proper English grammar and spelling when posting!
    • Don't double post, triple post, etc. Edit the previous post instead.
    • Don't post in dead threads unless you have something constructive to add.
    • Don't ask Admins or Mods about becoming a moderator - The answer is no.
    • Don't impersonate or otherwise pretend to be a DQ Staff member if you are not. This includes indicating you are a moderator or admin in your avatar, signature or in any other way.
    • Don't troll or derail threads into offtopic discussions, do not bait people into irrelevant personal arguments.
    • Any SPAM or useless will result in a spam infraction, multiple spam posts will result in harsher penalties.
    • SPAMMING people's profiles via the means of Visitor messages will result in infractions.

    You may "double post" in an older thread if you are bringing new interesting information on the subject, thereby bumping it into attention.

    Please be aware that just because a rule is not specifically covered here, does not mean that those actions are not allowed. If you are unsure, please contact an admin or moderator, or post in the report section.

    If you find a post or comment that you think is in violation of one of these rules or is inapropriate, please use the REPORT button, found under the userinfo of who made that post. The next available moderator will go over the case. DO NOT leave a post explaining what the user did wrong, as you may be infracted for spamming even though your intentions were good.

    Making posts like "Don't double post" only serve to add to the clutter. This is called backseat moderating. The mods will handle this, not regular users.

    Spam Bots:
    While we have protection in place to prevent the registration of automated spam bots, they are still able to get through. As a result, they will sometimes make posts on the forums. If you see such a post, please only report it. Don't reply, post, quote or otherwise bring attention to the post.

    Showoff Section:
    • Please use the [TAG] that matches the content of your thread. You will be able to choose an appropriate tag when you create the title of your thread.
    • If you are working on a project which includes multiple pieces of work, please collect these in a single thread.
    • The Showoff section is strictly for threads showing off work. Do not create threads simply to announce that you have begun on something, unless you can show work-in-progress content.
    • Keep a friendly tone when giving and taking criticism. If you wish to point out something isn’t right, then it is your responsibility to be specify the mistakes and give helpful advice. At the same time, posting your work here means that you agree to have it criticized.

    Read more in the showoff section's own thread.

    DQ Entertainment:
    Just because you can spam in here doesn't mean you SHOULD.

    DQ Talk:
    This section is mostly for talking about DQ related projects, animations, artwork, collaborations, the Castle series, etc. All unrelated chat would be best located in the Lounge.

    -The DQ Team

    Oscar, Rezuth, DrunkCat
    Calvey, Victory, Killing_Time, Wadling, DQ ModBot, Varthonai

    As at August the 27th, 2012.
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