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    Default The Ultimative DQ RPG Guidebook

    Here it finally is -- The guide to -- And how not to -- play a text based role playing game!

    So first of all, thank you for your interest in RPGing. This guide will provide all gamers Ė Old as new, with useful information, tips, and even rules for RPGs in general as well as a more ďlocalĒ based information specified just for DeletionQuality.

    RPG stands for Role Playing Game which in plain English means you play a role in a story, you interact with the environment of that world, hence it is a game.
    To elaborate, allow me to tell you about the three major RPG styles:

    Live RPG'ing
    For those who dig going into the woods with a Styrofoam sword and a cape made out of their mother's tablecloth. In other words you use your imagination to create a world in a more physical form. Takes some devotion since you'll have to act.

    Character sheet RPG'ing
    You and a group of friends arm yourselves with a load of rule books, some different kind of dies and of course your character sheets. You might want to bring some sort of energy drinks and prepare yourself for a long evening.
    Acting is also good with this one though you'll end up looking like a prick if you simulate eating.

    Then, the kind of RPGing done here. Text based.
    Pretty simple, everything you say and do is written in text form! You help build a world through words. Most people aren't prepared to use their imagination to give characters personality and actually describe what does not exist through plain text. It demands passion and therefor you better be prepared to put some time aside.

    The tips & rules for DQ.
    Now, as stated before, I have written rules about how we do it here at DQ.
    -- Why the rules? Shortly after we revealed the opportunity to make RPGs, we quickly learned that certain restrictions are necessary. Itís not because we wish to ruin your fun Ė Weíre actually trying to maintain it for everyone!

    Tips & rules for everyone:

    1: If you wish to create a RPG, you do not post it on the forum at once. First of all, you send a Moderator a PM, explaining him or her about your RPG idea Ė perhaps even create the template and let them judge for you.

    2. No more than 6 active RPGs. -- The community simply isnít big enough to maintain the activity of more than this.

    3. Do. Not. Rush. By this I am merely telling you to put some time aside to take the effort required to create or maintain posting in a RPG Ė As well as keep it free from grammar mistakes and typos.

    4. Be creative and open! If youíre boy, why not play like a girl? If youíre making a RPG, why not just focus on the psychological part of it? RPGs donít have to be about swords, dragons, guns and secret agents. You can treat your RPG like a piece of experimental art, and people can contribute. You can even make your own custom set of rules, just for your RPG. Ė This is actually a recommendation.

    5. Donít be afraid! If RPGs are a bit new to you, donít be scared to not try it. Youíre more likely to learn through experience. If youíre a hardcore RPGer, donít be nervous to try something different.

    Tips & rules for the Game Mod (GM):

    1. You need to build up a RPG that works. To do this youíll need the following:
    - A Background story
    - Information about the world. (Society, cities, maps, people, creatures, plants Ė You name it)
    - A story for the present time (The time that your players will be expected to start in) -- This means you should also be expected to have a storyline that is flexible enough or your players to have some space to fill in blanks
    - A character sheet your players can copy and paste to fill out. The sheet can contain just basic stuff like the name, appearance, and possible a biography or you can go into details about weapons, secrets, clans, et cetera. Ė Really, this depends on what you think is relevant for your RPG. You don't have to write this in any particular order, though you should consider prioritizing the most important bits of your RPG and write those down first.

    2. Be organized. Make sure to control your players are behaving, make sure you know what time of the day it is Ė And for the love of everything that is good, make sure you know the positions of your players!!

    3. Be a good example. If you want your players to get an idea of what your RPG is about and how it is played, be patient with them. Make sure your RPG is accessible for everyone and remember to offer the opportunity of sending questions via PM to ensure no plot elements will be revealed all too soon.

    4. A role playing game is an experience, not a game. Please refrain from setting up a point system. You can do it, but itís honestly only making everything too complicated.

    Tips & rules for the player:

    1. No clichťs. By this, I mean no super awesome assassins who lost their parents to a horrible murderer and can master at least one material art because they now seek vengeance. -- This is more like a piece of advice than a rule, but do take my words seriously. It will help you greatly.

    2. Be realistic. Say, I you play like a human character, you will be human. This means you wonít be able to sleep less than 3 hours a day before you go trekking over a mountain range. This means youíre not some sort of machine without feelings, problems and conflicts. Youíre human. You have personality, youíre allowed to have a failure and be embarrassed about it Ė And express your embarrassment. Let yourself go and remember your greatest weakness as a player is apparent when your character is superior.

    3. Be fair. Say, Mike, a NPC,(Non-Playable Character) has just sent 3 arrows after you. Through an amazingly quick movement you dodge all the arrows with grace. Before you is a player called Pete jumping after you with a knife drawn Ė You kick him away and roll over the floor before youÖ
    No. itís not fair to dodge every bullet, avoid every lash or remain a machine unaffected by pain and obstacles. It frustrates the GM and the other players because you arenít helping making any positive progress.

    4. No plot elements. Plot elements such as special magic devices you found, tales of past kings, new heroes Ė All this stuff is work for the GM, not you. If you have any plans of this kind, send the GM a PM and ask him or her. Itís tiring for the GM to create a way around new plot elements and itís really just a way of saying ďI donít like your story, so Iíll make my own!Ē and thatís not fair at all, considering the GM at this point has put time and effort into giving you a nice interactive story to participate in.

    5. No character control. Donít ever control other peopleís characters. Itís rude and unfair. In some cases it may be necessary, but always ask for permission from the player in question. This means you canít kill another personís character either. NPCs can be controlled and even killed Ė But if the NPC was created by someone else, itís always a good idea to ask first.

    6. Play point-of-view. You canít read the thoughts or figure out the intentions of the other player unless he or she gives clear body signs of this. Itís okay to say youíre suspecting something is up Ė But really, again, be a bit realistic. You canít read minds or see the aura of other people unless your character sheet says so.

    7. Donít create a character you canít handle. You need to think like your character. So if he or she has amazingly little social skill, it wouldnít be realistic for you to play the character as an outgoing talky person with lifted chin. A good tip for the beginner is to make a character that resembles your own personality.
    If you wish to create an extreme character Ė Someone with some sort of disorder, possibly, it would be a good idea to do some research.

    8. Be devoted! Make sure to read through the RPG before you join Ė Even if itís 50 pages long. Make sure to post regularly to ensure a progressing game. Love your character Ė After all, you created it. And besides, you can make alterations as the story goes along. No one has ever said you need to stay the same; most likely the story will naturally alter your character gradually Ė Perhaps for the better or the worse. Itís all your choice!

    Thatís it! Questions, additions or corrections can be PMed to me as well as any other figure of the DQ staff. Have fun!
    Just made an edit since I realized some people actually have no idea what a RPG is!
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