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    Default Names

    Im about to start a new flash project and i cant think of any names, i dont

    want people to post names im just wondering if any1 would have any

    suggestions on how to find the right one. For example, SLAKT i could never

    think of a cool name like that, like WTF is SLAKT? Wll is you have any tips i

    would like to hear them, ty

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    Try classical names, like think whats the flash about and make

    the name something like that like if its like a war Bloodywar or something

    like that, the animation should have a name similar to the action in the

    and think obaut the kind of the animation, like drama action

    comedy and such that will give a basic idea for a name and listen you cant

    find a good name.becaus you said help me find a name blah blah blah

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