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    Default Repercussions-Some things I've noticed

    Alright ill list em off

    1) At one point during the movie you see a foot kicking a zombie in the head, theres a green visor and the floor is red, but not from blood. It looks like the interior of one of the helicopters (the helicopters had a red lighted interior) meaning that was a pilot trying to defend himself (cracked green visor).

    2) A dead soldier being covered up (not ray as ray's helmet has a broken half). This again has a red floor, so it could be possible that same pilot i discussed before was covering up the soldier who died in his passenger compartment (remember one soldier was trying to keep the zombies out of his copter until it was taken down). If so that pilot is the key to getting anyone else out (depending on how salvageable the chopper is)

    3) The possibility of Ray surviving is id say 50%, i mean take a look at Half life opposing force and blue shift. The whole different point of view thing has it's ups and downs and usually the other character makes it out or suffers a great deal of hardship. Ill say Ray might make it.

    Anyone feel free to add anything in

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    I don't know...


    You should go introduce yourself first and read the rules.

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    i suggest to send this to repercussions theories thread instead making new thread

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    Ummm we kinda already knew all this only hours after Oscar released the Repercussions teaser.

    If you have any other theories please visit the "Castle Theories" thread.

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