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    really didn't know where to post this so I'm sorry. But I was wondering if

    anyone wants to partner up for an animation. I'm not good, so no hiding

    that, but two brains is always better than one.


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    When are

    you planning on starting? Have you already got a story line? Because I

    wouldn't mind helping you with characters, weapons etc. My flash is probably

    gonna take up some time so I can't help you animate... but just IM me if you

    need anything done!

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    Firstly, befor anybody would help here is what you need.

    Show us a animation by you.
    We should try out by posting

    Whats it about? (Fighting,effects, talking BS..)


    thats it.....

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    Well I was talking about doing a flash animation. I

    don't have an animation by me because I'm new, and I was thinking about

    starting from scratch. It could also be about anything.


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    kiddo. Next time you want to start a collaboration of sort, have a plan and

    info to share with those who could join it. Otherwise, without a theme or

    concept, I see no point of it.

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    Okay, sorry for the bad topic.


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