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Thread: Dear DQ

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    Shucks, and i was planning on posting art one day.

    Iím not good on writing long posts so iím gonna leave it on that.

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    Hey there everyone.

    I just wanted to drop by and leave a small message in a proverbial bottle. I think it was quite the achievement, everything that has happened in this website, and it's mostly thanks to the people in, the members, moderators and admins. And I just wanted to give my thoughts out to them. I've mostly either lurked or made non-contributions to this site, but I still have plenty of memories of it. In fact, I came here this day because it popped into my mind once again. And I think that's worth celebrating, or at the very least commending.
    It feels like there aren't that many people around anymore, which leads me to believe each message counts a bit more than they would otherwise. So there it goes - thank you so very much and congratulations. You've (silently) made a big part of my life and memories and I wish you all the best.

    As they say:

    See you Cowgirl,
    Someday Somewhere!
    "All moments are fleeting, just like all love is true." Victory

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    Wow, I guess I haven't posted on this site since 2013. It's sad to see this place go, this was one of the first forums I ever bothered to join. I can't say I've really contributed much to the site either but it was always nice to come here and see what's been going on. Anyway, I will now return to the darkness whence I came. P.S. new member for life!!!

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    Thanks for sharing folks! I'm keeping this particular thread open until the the end (October) in case someone drops by to say good bye. But the rest of the forums are archived.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ivyn View Post
    By the way, Oscar, for archival purposes, you should upload the deleted scenes from Castle III to your youtube. If/when the site goes down, that footage is gonna get lost if it's not backed up somewhere else.
    Good point . I should probably also upload Catch that Goblin and what not

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    Damn, I should've been more active while i could.

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    Oh man thank goodness I checked in- so much history here! I went through literally all of my teen years in various stages of activity on this site.
    I just show up sometimes.

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    Well, I joined the site (relatively) recently compared to most members, but I sure did have a good time here. I will miss the website, but at least the discord server is decently active. Oh also, since it looks like castle 4 might not get completed, if you have the story done, then is it possible to see the basic skeletal framework of the end of the story in text form?

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    Well, this is unfortunate. I may not have been as active on this site as I was when I joined in 2012, but it was still there to discuss theories about the direction of the Castle series, and other things. Anyway, I am glad that I found a place where people had the same (or similar) interests to those I have.
    "There, were I have walked, the grass shall never grow again." - Attila

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    Always checked around every once in a while on this website even if I've not been active in whatever time has passed. Good luck in the next chapters of your life, Oscar. Same goes for everyone!
    When I grow up, I want to be a cheese.

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    Man, it's been a good while since I was last active here. This was one of the earlier forums I joined and spent a good chunk of my early teen years posting here. I am always thankful for the friendships I developed through the forums, quite a few which have survived nearly a decade later. Many thanks to Oscar and everyone that helped cultivate an enjoyable community, kinda great how many people came together over a shared interest in a stick man series. Even though I have long moved on from the forums, I'm still a little sad to see it go, it had a great run.

    Cheers to DQ!
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    Whew, it must have been close to 8 years since I last visited. Might as well leave a reply before the site finally shutsdown.

    On one hand it's sad to see one of the oldest standing discussion forums that I've been (passingly) part of close down. On the other hand going over my old posts, or at least the ones I could find, was very cringy. Maybe it's for the best to have all of that get swallowed up by the proverbial bit void.

    I hope Oscar will find the time to finish the Castle series after the kids move out. Will check back in a decade or two. Best of luck to everyone!

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    It's definitely been way too long since I've last visited. I've only decided to come by now because a couple of my friends mentioned Castle and we ended up sparking a conversation about it, which eventually had me think, "Huh, I wonder what's going on at DQ."

    Now seeing that DQ will soon be closed down is quite a sad sight to behold, but knowing that memories were made here among many people is always great to hear. With a chance to say hello and goodbye, I just want to say that DQ has definitely made a spot in my heart because of the amazing content that I've seen with this site mentioned during my childhood. The Castle series in particular was what inspired me to currently make my own short film cinematic that has been in the works since 2014. I want to thank you Oscar for being an inspiration, and some day I hope to make something that can also be memorable to others like the Castle series.

    - Yun

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