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Thread: Dear DQ

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    Shucks, and i was planning on posting art one day.

    Iím not good on writing long posts so iím gonna leave it on that.

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    Hey there everyone.

    I just wanted to drop by and leave a small message in a proverbial bottle. I think it was quite the achievement, everything that has happened in this website, and it's mostly thanks to the people in, the members, moderators and admins. And I just wanted to give my thoughts out to them. I've mostly either lurked or made non-contributions to this site, but I still have plenty of memories of it. In fact, I came here this day because it popped into my mind once again. And I think that's worth celebrating, or at the very least commending.
    It feels like there aren't that many people around anymore, which leads me to believe each message counts a bit more than they would otherwise. So there it goes - thank you so very much and congratulations. You've (silently) made a big part of my life and memories and I wish you all the best.

    As they say:

    See you Cowgirl,
    Someday Somewhere!
    "All moments are fleeting, just like all love is true." Victory

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    destroying the evil power


    Wow, I guess I haven't posted on this site since 2013. It's sad to see this place go, this was one of the first forums I ever bothered to join. I can't say I've really contributed much to the site either but it was always nice to come here and see what's been going on. Anyway, I will now return to the darkness whence I came. P.S. new member for life!!!

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    Thanks for sharing folks! I'm keeping this particular thread open until the the end (October) in case someone drops by to say good bye. But the rest of the forums are archived.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ivyn View Post
    By the way, Oscar, for archival purposes, you should upload the deleted scenes from Castle III to your youtube. If/when the site goes down, that footage is gonna get lost if it's not backed up somewhere else.
    Good point . I should probably also upload Catch that Goblin and what not

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