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    Default Exanima (game) - What do you think?

    Hello everyone! I know I'm not very active in this community, but I really like you guys. Yesterday I have found this awesome game, Exanima, and I'm stunned by the experience I'm having right now.
    As a programer, willing to develop games and stuff, I have some idea about how they are made, and seeing such a game that don't use ANY predefined animation is amazing! Even the combat is determined by the physics of the game. Blocking and atacking never was so hard as in this game, but at the same time, so rewarding... Every enemy defeated is sooo exciting!
    Maybe I'm overlooking this game, I don't know, this is why I want to share it with you all...

    Here, take a look at the official page at STEAM:

    (SPOILERS) And if you find the game too hard, here is a useful tutorial, but for better experience, I suggest going right into the action! (SPOILERS):

    I'm still in the first level...
    Tell me what you think!

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    Oscar is better husbando-material then Victory

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    DQ 1337 Member codbarley's Avatar
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    cant say. I dont buy early access. Ive been juked too many times.

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    I just watched the trailer on steam, it seems interesting.

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    We've seen it all before... this game doesn't really appear to bring anything new to the genre based on the reviews I've seen. And its just gray and brown all over. While that certainly gives a feeling of a desolate and mysterious environment, at this point I am sick of it ad would prefer a bit of color in games. Not funky stuff, but something other than just gray and brown tones everywhere would be nice.
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    I'm at the 2º level right now... Died yesterday and needed to do everything again. kkkkk

    I understand that this game isn't finished yet, but I'm enjoying it more than I expected. Maybe it could make good use of a "Dungeon Multiplayer". Ah, TheScrow, if you like this genre, have you seen NOX? I played it a lot when I was younger, it's like Diablo. Too bad it isn't free anymore at Origin...

    I will keep playing Exanima. The combat was insanely difficult at the start, I died 4 times before killing the first enemy, but now I can hold up to 3 at once.

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