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Thread: Eldritch stuff?

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    Default Eldritch stuff?

    do you think the dimension the evils came from could have been an eldritch dimension?
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    "Eldritch is an Old English derived word used to describe that which is otherworldly, often by being weird, ghostly, or uncanny."

    Sure, why not

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    you know what i mean. Like H.P Lovecraft stuff. the mind worm could be an eldritch abomination
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    Lovecraftian Eldritch horrors are synonimous with a thalassic origin/theme. We haven't really seen anything like that in Castle, the Evils just strike me as being typically/traditionally demonic. Castle's going 3D though, so it's possible that we'll see some crazier designs for the last instalment ^^. Darkest Dungeon got me into Lovecraftian Eldritch stuff, so I wouldn't be opposed if it went there. Don't be surprised if it doesn't happen though.

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    i thought about it for a while and aside from just hell they could've come from an eldritch dimension even though the evils don't exhibit the "symptoms" of a creature possessed by an eldritch spawn i figured why not. i wouldn't be surprised if the researchers found a door with Cthulhu on it in one of the castle
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    Well not every demonic species has to be related to Lovercraft's dimensions and I really doubt Oscar created them with that in mind. At most he could have taken some inspiration from Lovecraft and Evils are entirely his creation from a dimension he himself has created.
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    it's ok shiny it was just a thought *gives huggs* :3
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