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    Default Lloyd!?

    when I've the repercussion's episode,I have a thing who still let me so much question. What append to Lloyd finally? cause in part A «like you've probably seen»Ray Williams see a character which can be Lloyd except when
    he talk he is named «???»and in part B with the pilot «sorry I miss is name» we can see «???» said the name of Lloyd. he can be alive like he can be dead but I would like what happen to him.

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    We don't know.
    He could be dead, he could be alive.
    Only the future may tell.

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    Mullins heard and felt something while Ray saw Lloyd. This mindworm-thingy is probably capable of changing the way mortal beings perceive the world around them. (It was capable of telling Mullins to bring it to his world, aka through that portal and back to Earth as far as I know.)

    Last time we saw Lloyd he was trapped inside the altar room with Etrius. We know Etrius is up to something because he didn't get headshot and seems fairly awake in the Castle 4 teaser, not to mention he's got OP orb powers. Lloyd's situation is crappier however, left with Evils on the other side of a ravine. Whatever force that brought Ray the vision of Lloyd is either A: Showing Ray that Lloyd died B: Showing Ray that Lloyd is alive somewhere.

    Mindworm-thingies copy the appearance of mortal beings for a reason, whether it be the truth or horrific trolling.

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