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    Post Hungrybox, no longer second place.

    I had to share this. Even if you don't enjoy fighting games, give his a once over anyway. This is more about the player than the game, and the attention is well deserved I think.

    As some people here know, I'm a competitive Smash player, particularly Melee. Mechanically, it's the single greatest video game of all time, and I've yet to see a contender for the title that isn't dwarfed by the sheer, unintentional genius that went into this unequivocal masterpiece. No bias, obviously. Recently, there was a fighting game tournament called Evo, the biggest annual tournament of its kind. I always love these tournaments because it's basically a silent admission that whoever wins represents the very best in the world, even in a game like Melee where there's such variability, so the hype for it starts basically right around the time the previous tournament ends, and lasts all year until the next one.

    And this year was special.

    Some context; Hungrybox is one of 6 players who consistently outperform everyone in the game, referred to as the Gods of Melee. Among the 6, though, Hungrybox has always - even in victory - been considered the lesser player among the very top. In every Evo tournament he has finished either 2nd, or 3rd, and has been described as a "free win" for whoever he faces. What's more, he also quite recently shared that his father had insisted the same, that he's good, but would never be the best (dick move, dad), and you can tell every victory he claws himself up to is deeply meaningful as a consequence. Even though he's been doing great all year, Evo is the big title - the one that matters - and when things started looking shaky, it looked like another point in favour of douche bag dad.

    Then this happened:

    The feels are absolutely overwhelming. If you ever wanted to see a display of how much heart and passion can go into to something like a video game, Hungrybox is my go-to example every time. 13 years the underdog, now the world champion.

    Congratulations Hungrybox.

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    Can't see shit, Captain.
    Oscar is better husbando-material then Victory

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    SRK Affiliation is not a fan of Hungrybox.
    Rachel Constantine: I was especially interested in the section on Arroway's video unit. The one that recorded the static?
    Michael Kitz: Continue.
    Rachel Constantine: The fact that it recorded static isn't what interests me. What interests me is that it recorded approximately eighteen hours of it.

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    The video might be back in a bit, it was probably flagged by a bot. If not, and if people are interested in seeing a less edited and less powerful version of the events, there's always the live feed:

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