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    Default Ready To Learn - Stick animation

    Hi, how you doing?
    I'm here to ask for some help, I'm in a contest in the university of my town and I need ''likes'' to gain a good position. Stickfigures as xiao xiao was the thing for me start with flash, 12 years ago, and nowadays I dont hav much time to animate cause of my bills, so this contest could be the right incentive for me re-start animating, get contacts and get a good job.

    Give your ''like'' and I'll be very greatful, and thanks anyway.

    Take care!

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    Don't get upset with me here, but I'm really disappointed with this animation.

    It's not because it's bad, goodness no, it's because it could've been something really incredible. The cinematography is great, dynamic and really does lead your attention through each scene, instead of merely presenting a scene to be viewed. Details and actions are implied without being overstated or omitted, and you manage to present a series of actions without showing any of them through in their entirety, because you don't have to. Your use of multiple different camera angles, perspective and foreshortening is impressive and fun to watch, and minimises the flat feeling stick figures usually impart on a scene. Not to mention, your animation - the little there is - looks great, and you seem to have a pretty satisfying understanding of how the human body moves... It's just...

    It's ugly. The quality is so inconsistent that I was constantly pulled out of it. You use so many different stock assets that your own hand drawn imagery looks really sloppy in comparison. What's more, since there's no consistent level of quality, nothing looks like it belongs in the shot. It never develops a style, and instead feels like someone is fucking with the quality levels on the video for kicks. The animation is mostly good, but I noticed you cheating a lot with it which - while totally understandable - didn't help when I was already struggling to ignore the constant change in quality.

    For instance, the blood looks quite bad in all the moving shots, and while your animations look good, they're a bit weightless and just stop dead in their tracks. After a mad dash, the protagonist just stops without inertia, and the enemies kind of shuffle towards him awkwardly and slide across the ground because the actual movement doesn't match the camera pan distance. It's not awful by any stretch of the imagination, I just wish it was as good as the excellent running loop you made.

    The biggest problem here is that it doesn't feel like you made this. The vast majority of the content on screen is stuff you've borrowed from somewhere else, and no matter how good your directing is, I can't quite get over how little you've done to minimise the feeling that you've just ripped stock photos off google images. It feels lazy, like you could do so much better. I'm not sure if this was due to time constraints, or because you thought it looked fine, but it hurts the presentation.

    I won't criticise your English, but I do have to question what the point of having subtitles pop up and vanish in a flash? Especially when you've messed up the words anyway and it would take most people a moment to figure out how to read it. Either show it, or don't. I don't think you stand to gain anything from just flashing it on screen for a few frames.

    If you take anything at all from this, it should be this: I really liked it. I appreciate all the advanced stuff you wanted to do, and it works quite well with the music. But I think you have a lot more potential to realise if you just spent more time refining and polishing it. I'm going to like this, but I really hope you continue to practice because I really want to see what else you can produce.

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    Thanks, I dig what you mean.
    Next animation I want to do everything, even the soundtrack.

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    I definitely enjoyed watching this. Nostalgic to see an old time styled stick animation again and it put a smile on my lips.

    I think your strongest side is, like you mentioned in a thread way back, that you are good at putting pieces together. Also the cinematography really stands out and does its job really well. For example the shot at 1:11 has an extra amount of detail with the gun actually rotating as he walks, the easy thing to do would have been to simply have it flat and animate it up and down only.

    That's why I'm a bit buggered by the overall style and inconsistency of the quality. You're showing a great deal of potential here, with some shots being really well thought up, but in general I think the movie misses quite a lot of polish. The imported assets don't really fit in with the hand made stuff by you and it feels cheap.

    It seems you have a solid foundation in place with your skills, you just need to take it to the "next step" and the next thing you make will really knock the shit out of this, I'm sure of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
    Thanks, I dig what you mean.
    Next animation I want to do everything, even the soundtrack.
    Even the soundtrack?
    I'll be sure to tear you a new arsehole!

    Nah, kidding... But quite ambitious, I must admit.

    My thoughts on this animation has already been stated by Vic and Oscar, despite not being that much into stick animations any more I am still looking forward to your next attempt.

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