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    Default Forgotten: Legion (here we go again)

    Author's nose: On account of all the RPG action lately, thought I might toss my hat in the ring again, until all you participants feel like you're being drawn and quartered by all these RPG options, at which point i will be ready to strike. I have updated the universe lore since the last time I tried to start this RPG, and with that came updates to this story.


    In the year 2227, in the weeks following the Murnu Uprising, conflict rears its ugly head for the first time since the Annexation War, which resulted in the formation of the Human Empire in which you live. It seems inevitable that there will be further bloodshed, and in response to growing revolutionary sentiment, the HEM is rapidly deploying forces all over the galaxy.

    Don't worry, you're not fighting that war. They've got that covered.

    A few (solar) days ago, a ship in orbit over the desert world of Davidson-Kappa, awaiting an unknown shipment from the planet's surface, sent out half a distress call and then went silent. Radar reports that the downed craft, identified as DT Cord Mining Apollo, landed not far from a major mining depot on the planet. It's unknown whether any of the crew survived, or if all were killed in the high-velocity impact that would surely have taken place.

    Three groups are about to close in on the crash site - and each other. A HEMI unit is preparing itself at the depot for a journey to the currently-estimated crash site. These soldiers are, appropriately, responding to a distress call and will investigate the site properly. There is also a group of volunteers rallying there, who hope to find survivors in the wreckage. Davidson-Kappa is a merciless place, and anyone still in the remains of the ship will be in no condition to navigate the desert. Finally, there is a group of profiteers. Illegally, they seek to scavenge the wreckage of this ship for anything of value. Even scrap metal from the hull itself may prove to be worth hauling out...

    You are from one of these three groups, and you do not yet know what you are about to discover...

    Character stuff:

    Here's what I need to know:

    Name: Yeah. Alien names are something about which you may need to talk to me.

    Race: Okay, if you're doing a human, you'll know what to put here. Humans are now the sort-of-rulers of the universe and such. If you make an alien, you'll have to be willing to contact me about it. Here's a quick list of races I'm allowing here:

    Human - those weird bipeds who are immune to the poisonous effects of capsaicin.

    Visinor - A neutral race in most conflicts, the visinor are valued by the universe due to their willingness to trade with all and their phenomenal insights into architecture and materials science. They're known for their focus on aesthetic quality and their compulsive habit of categorizing and sorting things. Their homeworld is Tellsoch.

    Morcefans/Muwrusw - These immense aliens are often mistaken for large bugs, which they are not. Morcefans are the first space travelers currently known, and had the largest interstellar empire before the emergence of humanity. Most of them, for the moment, resent humans for many reasons, including, but not limited to, Armageddon Day, when humanity killed almost 50 million morcefans in the span of a few minutes.

    Recthae (Singular 'Recthan') - Not unlike humans in many ways, similarly attempted to conquer the stars and compensate for their dying homeworld, Tenrog, but failed. Superficially very similar to humans, but largely dependent on mechanical exoskeletons for motion, due to some mysteriously terrible twists of evolution. Some of these aliens admire humans, others despise.

    Later on, as more game mechanics emerge, I may allow more races, such as tenaest or tarkis, for those looking to create new characters.

    Appearance: Could be useful. With humans, this is pretty self-explanatory. With anything else, see what I have to say on the subject of races when we talk.

    Personality: What is your character like? Are they a total dick-nugget, or a groovy potato? Well?

    Talents: What can your character offer to this task? There is no magic in this universe, but there are very skilled people in very skilled areas.

    Flaws: I'm gonna say that you should probably have two flaws for every one talent, at the very least.

    Current faction: Are you a duty-bound soldier with the HEMI unit, sent to investigate the crash? Are you a good Samaritan, grouping together with others at the depot to head out and look for survivors? Are you a profiteer, banding together with like-minded individuals to take what you can from the wreckage of this ship?

    Background: You may not have much to put here, and that's okay. If you want lore information, you can message me. This isn't super important, but it may add some depth to your character.

    Other stuff: Any other details? Want to let me know what an utter buffoon I am for opening an RPG just as two already great ones are getting into stride? Are hands reaching out of the walls to grab you as you type your character bio and you don't know why? This is the place, folks.


    (Did I forget something important? Need any help with anything? Contact me! Do you want to plan stuff with another participant? Contact them! Are you quickly dying, a transient flower rapidly withering away in a burning, merciless sun? Contact an ambulance!)
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    Sorry Ducky, I tried 3 times to wrote my character profile, but the PC went down all the three times, just right at the end.
    I will join, but later... So much hate right now...

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    Ah, that sucks dude. No rush, though. :33
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