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    Default The Helpful Art Resources Thread For Artists

    Deviant Art:
    Where everything good and bad comes to celebrate art. The "Resources & Stock Images" section is very helpful, but simply writing "Tutorial" kinda helps too.

    Nsio Explains:

    FUNKYMONKEY1945's Tutorials and Helpful stuff:

    Deviantart Groups:
    Another place where helpful tutorials and resources can be found, it's like a its own little section.

    Nature Stock:


    Picture Generators:
    A nice place for quick gesture trainings.

    I'm not sure if there is any difference between the links but i'm leaving it here just in case


    If you cant have someone pose for you then this is a perfect place for drawing a pose in different angles.



    Drawing from Imagination - Tips on Improving Creativity and Visual Memory




    Character Design:

    4Chan I/C / 8chan:
    Yes, it's 4chan you but cant really deny their efficiency(more or less.) A place where you leave your ego at the door and pay extreme attention, lurk around and accept criticism.
    Not the most welcoming place on the internet but if you look around you are bound to find something you wouldn't find otherwise.
    A diamond in the rough if you may...

    If you need inspiration:

    Awesome Artists as recommended by me:

    Anthony Jones:

    Heather Adams:



    arok318 [A.K.A Wachtelspinat]:

    TheNorthernBanshee [A.K.A Rennerei]:

    Rennerei and Shalala's(Arok318) MGS fanart-blog:


    Sergey Svistunov (fear-sAs):
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