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    Hey dudes, I finished my movie, hope you like it:

    Kisses felas!

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    Alright, at first I'd like to praise the animation as it was very fluid (if this is your first project, it makes it even more impressive). Motions were sometimes kinda clunky, but it wasn't that bad and often.

    Also I'd like to praise your scene directing; I liked angles at some of them, the transitions, the camera movement; you definitely know what you're doing and it kept the movie flowing and interesting. Also tempo of the movie went along with the song, reminding me of good old Castle II (which was also a great influence on your work as I can see). I think it was one of movie's strongest features.

    Art itself was pretty too, I liked the contrast between the simple stickfigures and more realistic looking environment and objects. At some points, shading didn't make much sense, though - for example in the beginning around 1:25 mark where his shadow is implausible due to street lamp lighting.

    Music choice - well, I can't say that I am a fan of it, but that doesn't mean I will count this as a bad thing. It was okay is all I will say (and that's just because of my personal taste in music). Other sound effects were alright, though you made death sounds (the ones people made when they were killed) slightly too loud for my taste. I think it'd be better if they were slightly toned down to flow better with the volume of the music.
    Also using the same effect for every kill our protagonist commits was quickly bothersome, especially in that scene inside the mansion where he rapidly kills some dudes in a quick succession - using just one more sound effect would be better, two or even more would be even better. It's about making it sound less repetitive and more interesting.

    Now I would like to point out your problem with subtitles - they disappeared too quickly sometimes. At some points during the movie, I had to rewind it to read what was said. I feel like at some points it was intentional to make them disappear so fast, but I can't say I'm a fan of it. Even when text is made to disappear quick, or flicking or whatever technique is used, it still stays on screen long enough for the watcher to read it or at least make him know what was basically said.
    Also you'd need to work on your English a little bit more. It wasn't catastrophic, but it was enough to be apparent it isn't your greatest strength.

    Story itself - well, it wasn't great. Not at all. But then again, I do not feel like you wanted to tell us some epic tale now, but rather just wanted to make a no-brainer popcorn movie, one where you just go and enjoy the visuals and action. Nothing wrong with that. I enjoyed some good old stickman action.

    In the end, I was positively surprised. I didn't expect as much and it was better than I thought it would be. You definitely have talent, have knowledge and can definitely improve yourself. Keep it up, start something new, listen to criticism of others and good luck.
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    Hi man, how you doing?

    yeah, it's all about flow... Thanks! I have a huge mix of styles, but of Castle (eye concept) and Stickdeath (blue sticks good, green sticks bad) I used to grow up watching.

    Nah dude, this can't be my first project, this movie requires a LOT of skills in flash, really.
    In the 1:25 mark the shadow I was kinda lazy, I'll give you that... Shadows are a preety tricky to animate in the right position and etc, but if you don't do it, the scene feels it's missing something. So it's something you must do, then it eat your brains and it still kick you in the balls But it's alright, missing and learning, law of our generation and nature itself

    Yeah, the repetitive sound fx, I know what you mean, I won't commit this flaw next time.

    The thing about the story my thoughts were like - ''Well, I'm making a movie clip of this song, I can't add too much dialogue, and I need to explain at least something... Hmmm I can put some scenes where the spectator can imagine his plot.'' as you can see in the 1:33 mark till minute 2, these scenes tells something wich I don't know what they mean, I mean, I know what they mean for me but don't what they mean for you. There are other scenes like that before he reaches the mansion; It's filled with hidden messages too, subliminar things and stuff

    Subtitles more long, noted. And yeah man, sorry again for my broken english, maybe I can get better if I start chatting in this forum; will be a good way for me to fix this language and to know new friends; if you guys accept me, of course!

    Dude, thank you very much for this review. It was a long text and fkn helpfull. This was some good criticims, I'll visit this post again before lauching any other movies

    Well, for what's worth, I'm very proud for finishing one more animation. What sads me is too see Newgrounds going down man. 5 - 10 years ago when a movie was in frontpage, it had 50k views in one day depending the author... Now you have 10k in a week if you're lucky I know what I'm talking cause I got some frontpages already (I'm not saying this to be like ''uhhh I'm so good bla bla'', I'm saying this because when you have your animation in the front page, you enter every day, every hour and every minute to see the views counter and new reviews )
    Stick man figures also became even more underated there, I spend so much trouble doing this movie I was hoping at least for an award, instead they gave me 3 stars. This movie got daily 5th , it's a good animation alright, I'm not trying to say what better and what's not, it's just that I know I had a lot more work for doing my movie; it's about being fair and this is extremelly disapointing... Well, I made this animation because I like this song and that is it, I should find confort in my own pride and that's what I'm doing

    I think my text is a little too long xP
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