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    This is a guide to the Showoff section revised for DQ 6.0. Feedback would always be appreciated. If you have any, please write in the news thread about it.


    The rules below are exclusive to this section, but they are rules. Violating them may lead to an infraction or warning. The universal rules still apply in this section and can be found here.

    Please use the [TAG] that matches the content of your thread. You will be able to choose an appropriate tag when you create the title of your thread.

    If you are working on a project which includes multiple pieces of work, please collect these in a single thread.

    The Showoff section is strictly for threads showing off work. Do not create threads simply to announce that you have begun on something, unless you can show work-in-progress content.

    Keep a friendly tone when giving and taking criticism. If you wish to point out something isn’t right, then it is your responsibility to be specify the mistakes and give helpful advice. At the same time, posting your work here means that you agree to have it criticized. Read more about this further down.

    Someone at some point is going to break these rules. This is not a license for you to get angry and break them too. Somebody makes a joke at the expense of your work? Take it in good humor. Somebody can’t accept that there’s something wrong with their work and take constructive criticism? Use reason and a friendly tone – or failing that, let them continue making poor quality work till they learn to take it.
    Should anyone become aggressive or rude in these types of scenarios, universal rules apply. This means you may risk getting yourself infracted .

    Keeping a Friendly Tone

    Remember this section is here for a reason: to help members of the community improve their work. In return we expect a welcoming collaborative environment where someone would be happy to show their work or say what they think.

    In this section there are two important roles: the Critic and the Artist. Below are some important guidelines that everyone needs to be familiar with in order to help and improve. These ideas can be applied to most types of creative work.

    For the critic

    Constructive criticism requires a little more thought than saying whether you like something or not.

    First of all, it’s important to understand that criticism involves more than simply pointing out a flaw– if you can, you should try to suggest a way to fix it. Elaborate on what is right and wrong to the best of your ability. It’s okay to say that you can’t quite point out exactly what makes X look/sound wrong/right, but make sure the artist knows it requires some more attention.

    Also remember that the artist will be more receptive if you point out good things too. This gives them reason to trust your judgment and encourages them to keep working and improving. It’s a shame to see artists give up simply because their ability doesn’t reach their ambitions yet.

    When you criticize a piece you should think of the artist’s level of skill and adjust your feedback to suit them. A rookie artist could use help with the basics while an experienced artist should be able to take pointers on subtler details.

    Finally, and this should be obvious: Don’t insult the artist or attribute poor quality to a lack of talent. All this does is make you look like a jerk.

    For the artist

    Getting criticism is essential in order to learn. If you post your work then you must expect to receive criticism - And when you do, be grateful!

    Taking criticism can hurt. That’s normal – but it’s important to your development as an artist to learn to overcome it. Being receptive to criticism can only make your work better, while closing yourself to it may stop you from learning something new.

    Analyze your own work before you post it – Do you see any mistakes? Do you know how to fix them? Specifically mention the problems you see and request further help.

    If someone straight up says your work sucks without explaining why, just ignore and report. Reacting is not worth it! Be patient enough to wait for someone to give you more constructive criticism. If you are not sure what exactly is wrong, request some elaboration.

    Be aware that although you might not like what people say they are still taking time to assess the quality of your work. Criticism is a sign that you have potential rather than a sign that you’re a bad artist!

    While it’s important to listen to what people have to say, if you disagree with the criticism you receive explain why! It’s important you keep to the vision of your work instead of bending to every critic’s whim. This is in regard to subjective matters like concept or style or if you think the critic actually would like something entirely different than what you intended to present.

    Submitting your work

    When you present your work don’t say you think it’s bad! This discourages people from even bothering to help because:
    a) they don’t think it’s worth criticizing if you won’t even bother doing your best
    - or -
    b) they suspect you’re fishing for compliments.

    If you feel your work isn’t exposed properly, try and make individual threads rather than have a single thread for all of your creations. Especially if you’ve been working on something you are particularly proud of!

    Always make your work easily accessible. Don’t just link to your work. If you have a very large piece of art you can post a smaller version in the thread and link to the original piece as well, or if you have written a large text, you can post a plot synopsis or an excerpt.

    If you are presenting several pieces at once, name or number them so people can easily refer to specific works.


    Uploading images:

    Uploading audio:

    Uploading videos:

    Flash videos:

    Tutorials, guides and resources:
    (Please come with suggestions!)
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