The wind screaming out as it bashed itself at the old house, its frame groaning, ice climbing its wall like water, a waterfall of ice plastering the walls. The couple didn't know. Heavy heaters resting in their room, and and thick covers protected them from the freezing weather. Their minds deep in sleep, sweating in their sleep from the heaters. "Let me in," A woman yells from the outside, "please!" The ice started pounding harder, large chunks flying like spears as it ripped into the wood frame. The couple knocked to the ground by the sudden pounding of the house.

"What was that." The woman of the couple asked.

"Help me!" The woman from before yelled again. Then almost as a after thought yelled, "help my baby!" The couple quickly opened the door to their room, only to close it just as quickly, their house a winter wonder land, the floors coated in snow, strings of ice lacing their ceiling, their walls almost a block of ice themselves.

"What the hell!" The man of the couple yelled.

"Help me, please, help my baby." The voice of a woman yelled out, crying heard.

"I don't think our house is any better then outside." The woman of the couple muttered. The couple walked slowly on the icy ground of the house, the wood floor groaning underfoot, the snow quickly filling out their tracks.

"We can't very well leave someone who is asking for help." The man of the couple said.

"Help me, please, help my baby." was repeated every half minute as the couple attempted to get to their front door, the cold of the room unbearable. The door was finally opened, a woman leaning against the door falling back, a motionless bundle in her arm, giving off a soft cry, as if its starting to black out. The woman seemed just as bad, her hair almost frozen in place, her skin almost as pale as the snow, her eyes staring off like in a trance.

"It's not much better inside but come in." The woman said, reaching to help pull the half frozen woman up.

"Thank you...please take my baby first." The half frozen woman muttered.

"We still have our bedroom lets, warm this little...." The woman of the couple stopped.

"Lets get you up, now...." As soon as the man of the couple tried to grab her hand, he stopped.

Everything stopped.