Hey all, I decided to make a review. It's my very first one, so feel free to critisise and discuss what is bad/good, what should be described more/less, etc.

Detroid Metal City
This OVA (Original Video Animation) is based on a manga by Kiminori Wakasugi. It's said to be a comedy, but it should be labbeled as INSANITY.

Story revolves around Soichi Neigishi. He is singer in an underground death metal band Detroid Metal City, known for obscenety and profanity. He is Johannes Krauser II, rapist and killer of his own parents, a terrorist from hell, demon king and the worst criminal there is, and on stage, he is a wild unleashed animal with destruction power 9001. He dresses in an armor like costume, has corpse paint on his face and "kill" letter on his forehead.
Actually, off stage, he is shy and wants to be a pop singer and wants to quit DMC, but he can't.

Show is a comedy and my god, what a brilliant one. It makes fun out of music like (mostly) metal, punk, rap and pop. Songs which band plays, have so silly lyric and performances are so excessively "evil" and "obscene" you simply can't take them serious. Which is good, since show itself isn't. You will see jokes towards metal as being for violent retards, pop for girls and unmanly man, rap is pretentious and poseric... Take a warning though; if you consider yourself as a fan of those kinds of music, you may get offended, as humor can be very crude and some scenes very violent (not like gore, but in offensive way).
But if you don't take it serious and you enjoy humor with a lot of swearing and bad words, rude jokes, sex jokes, rape jokes and satira; then this is anime for you.

Characters are very simply drawn compared to most mainstream anime these days. No ultra spiky big hair, no jelly boobed women, no or very few fanservice, no gigantic eyes streching over the half of face. People are very simple and realistic and also very likable. You just love how Krauser gets wild and shouts obscenities, how shy and nervous Negishi is. Those two aren't even the same character; these two personalities are a different person each. His fans are violent, dumb and fanatical, just like some people you can meet in real life. His love interest Aikawa is such a sweet person you feel so sorry for her when she gets sexually harassed by Krauser and his final enemy Jack ILL Dark is a legend for himself. There is also some character development which is fun to watch.

Here we come at voice actors. They are very good indeed. Negishi sounds nervous and shy, Krauser sounds like he drank very strong acid and his language is stronger than titanium and all supportive characters are also remarkable.

Animation isn't something to get hyper, it's simple and likable without bigger flaws and I think it was done bad purposefully.

Only thing which shoots down final score a little is lenght. You will need some three hours to watch it from beginning to end, but thankfully it's worth it.

Final score would be 8/10. Great story and characters, excellent humor, but minuses are short lenght and rude humor not suited for everyone.
Then again, I recommend it.