New Super Mario Bros.

Rating: 1--------(9.0)-10 LIEKS
Graphics: Great for the Wii
Re-Play: Yup, its High, for Mario fans

  • Nintendo
  • Action/Adventure
  • 1-4 Players

Mario and friends renew a ground-breaking platformer

New Super Mario Bros. returns for an all new 2.5 deminsional platformer. In this game, you mainly play as Mario, the iconic plumber, with a moustache better than Mattbot. If you are playing with some friends, you'll play as Luigi or a Toad, Princess Toadstool's useless bodyguards. But in this games, they are going out all the way by the Mario Bros. side.

In New SMB, Peach is kidnapped, again. Mario has to go and save her, again. You'll have to go against, plenty of Boss Koopas, and goombas, and the only reason I say goombas is cause people still die from them.You have lots of options, to go to the other level, or just go murder the boss. The levels in this game is original, and fun. The difficulties is how to control them. Since I am a huge Mario fangirl, I learned quickly, unlike my partner. The have the greatest powerups, like the flying helmet, and the penguin costume. On the side, you can try to collect some powerups in Toad cottages, where you can collect 1ups, or power ups. If you go for bigger things, you'll probably get stoppped by a enemy depending on the world. The cooperation is nice, you can pick up your friend, and carry them, or throw them. If you want go for red coins, you have to be very quick and accurate, for 8 red coins. In the end, when you grab the flag, you'll lay back in relief, and tiredness. For you have just lost four lives. You'll then look at your friend and hi-five him, in success of winning. You can still use Yoshis, but you can't take them with you. You can use a star for like, 10 seconds in the game.

The Multiplayer for Mario Bros. uses a love-hate style. You can help a friend if he's going to die, by picking him up, and saving him instead of yourself; by popping him/her out of the bubble, or with a Yoshi, saving them lives by swallowing them whole, until you get to the finish. If you want to mess with your partner, pick them up, and then toss them to an enemy or off a platform; Ground-Pounding them, or just pushing them, andrushing through a level squishing them with a wall and the screen, leaving them with a, "Why'd you do that, jerk"?

There are only eight worlds, but many secrets, so you'll be playing this until you find them all, which will be a long time for you humans. The enemies have gotten more harder. The boss levels, are the same, hop on their heads, but you have to get through things, then you fight them again, but the wizard guy comes and makes it more difficult for you.

^This is the first 3 levels, and the intro, for those who don't know what I'm talking about

The powers in this game make you want to get them more, and the powers are keep you from dying most of the time. But using the wrong powers, will not only waste it, but kill you, not if thats bad or anything. The game would be better if Luigi could still float, but oh well I guess.

On the graphics side, the background as you can see is now in three-dimensional, and in certain levels, can effect the level as you can see in this video of world 8-1

New SMB Wii gives the joy to your life if you feel like you want to commit suicide. Mario once again triumphs with a "Here We Go"!