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im a nerd when it comes to space so you can ask me anything.

I run a community called VAVLESmostwanted its helps people get through games they are stuck on and help them accomplish rewards.

The creature known as the Predator is a bipedal humanoid creature standing approximately 2.5 metres tall, with the average weight of a male being between 250 and 350 pounds. Most of their bulk is pure muscle with very little body fat, due to their predatory lifestyle and diet. Skin color is generally a pasty yellow or mottled with black spots, and their eye color is similarly yellow or green. On their head the Predator have what appears to be the equivalent of human hair, resembling long black dreadlocks.
While the Predator's body may seem humanoid in general, this cannot be said for its face - having been described as a "mutated crab" in appearance, the Predator possess very distinct facial features. The most prominent of these are four mandibles which protrude from, and surround, a smallish mouth filled with sharp teeth. These mandibles are used for communicating, much like a cat uses its tail to communicate its mood - although Predator also have a verbal language (consisting of growls, clicks and chirps), and are capable of mimicking other verbal languages to a degree.
Biologically, Predators are much stronger and faster than an average human, and possess lightning quick reflexes and dexterity. Their blood is green with a phosphoresent quality which may have properties that protect them against the caustic effects of their favorite prey's blood. As far as sensory perceptions, it is believed that they are similar (but superior) to humans - and it is also a common practice for Predators to employ technology to further heighten their senses. And for environment, it appears that the Predators prefer hot and humid conditions with an atmosphere rich in nitrogen, no doubt due to evolution on their planet of origin.

Predators are known as 'Yautja' in their own language. They have also been referred to as 'Hish', although this may be the name of a certain clan (or even breed) of Yautja. As for their biology, Yautja lifespan is many decades; sometimes as long as 300 years. This longevity suggests that sons live with their mothers for many of these years, as it would take longer for them to mature and fend for themselves. Daughters probably stay with their mothers, to eventually raise their own children and maintain Clan dominance. Individual females would probably birth every few decades and be very particular about the father, but keep no permanent pairing bonds. This would lead to very high competition amongst males.
Males probably live in packs of generally unrelated males. In this atmosphere of high competition for breeding rights, there are many males who never get to breed. These frustrated males may turn on their subordinates. But the males who breed have proven themselves by hunting dangerous prey and gaining many impressive trophies. Another bonus is the admiration of their clan brothers - males hunt for status. However the social structure of the Yautja is not completely understood and they may well be a very civilised race, despite the common belief.
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