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    Alarms were not bothering him at all. In his self confidence, he strode through the corridor, his silhouette seemingly taking whole width of it. Grinning with excitement, Shinoi was enjoying in every damn moment. He stopped at the crossway to remember the plan of building in his mind, then took right way to elevator. He stepped in and pressed number 23. Elevator started moving upwards.
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    "What's the situation, Sarge?", yelled one of them.
    "I have no idea, we weren't reported about what's the deal. Could be an intruder, most possibly it is."
    Troops thrilled with excitement. Soon, they will have a prey to hunt and set their nature free.
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    "Go go go!"
    Sound of heavy boots pounding the floor was echoing through the corridors. It's owners were soldiers by education and currently employed as private defence force of this building. They got paid enormous amounts of money and let free to do whatever they wanted with prisoners who were not needed anymore, and that was enough for them.
    They came around the corner and took cover behind various expensive furniture, awaiting orders of their commander.
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    That was all he could let out. Cold sweat covered him when he saw a lifeless body of his friend lying under the table, bloody and dried of all colour, sporting a giant wound on his abdomen. Despite being quite stupid, he knew what he had to do. He quickly pressed the alarm button and as sirens started to sound through the whole building, he collapsed on the floor and passed out.

    Okay, I'm done for today. Good night.
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    "Aye, Maeyke, ye ugly sonuva beothc, where are ya? WHERE ARE YA, YOU STUPID FOOK?!"
    Hinco wasn't satisfied at all. That receptionist bitch wasn't reacting towards his mating signals and he spilled coffee over his shirt. Damn. And now this idiot left his post, as usual and so typical of him.
    "Fookin' fooker... OI!"
    He looked around control room, he looked on WC, he wasn't found anywhere. Angrily he stepped towards control table and hit his foot on something.
    "Yeowch... What is tha-"
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    His father was some sort of a criminal. They said he was running some strange business with guys of the Killiar Council, a bunch of retarded psychos who believed in magic and stuff. They were also involved in NeoLondon terrorist incident and a few murders, or so they said. Eh, idiots... why does he think about them at all at this time?
    He sighed and stretched his tired muscles. Another good, productive night.
    Perhaps I could have a glass of Chiantee before sleep, he thought at himself.
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    He loved to think about himself as this. He felt powerful, untouchable. Oh, how much he loved the feeling of satisfaction when he caused somebody to fail in life, when he took their money and happiness away, when he made them disappear into nothingness. Fuck it, world is harsh and only strong and powerful will survive. Like the time, when he was still friend with that guy... how was he named already? Amiel, wasn't it? Yeah, that guy.
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    Mr. Orkanna was a busy man and in charge of Loituma Corporation. Always in deep thoughts about business, always in a hurry. Problems here, problems there... but he knew how to solve them. Annoying, unsatisfied employee? Throw him through window. Clients turning down their part of a deal, causing him to loose money? Hire an assassin. See, he was a powerful man and definitely not somebody to mess with.
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    Shinoi pulled out the blade out of now lifeless body, which slid on the floor and laid there like a dead seashell. Dagger was shining and somehow felt alive, as if it was happy of the offering it got. He chuckled in amusement and turned to doors behind the control table. Eagerly he hurried towards them, looking forward to what was waiting for him behind them.
    "I'm invincible," he thought with a wide, wicked smile.
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    His heartbeat intensified and he started to feel his organs being pulled towards the blade.
    "A sacrificial lamb," he heard behind him.
    "Needed for my goal. An imbecile like you can not be spared."
    Maeyke let out a horrible scream when blade heated inside him and his intestines were sucked into it. Last moments of his life were agonising and suddenly he was gone.
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    It started building from floor upwards. Quietly, it soon made a humanoid shape and just a few seconds later, it was complete.
    "Tha fook, man..." mumbled security guard.
    "And nobody's 'ere, I'mma talkin' to mahself."
    Suddenly he gurgled, eyes opening in terror as enormous pain burst in his chest.He looked down and his breathing became faster and shorter in panic upon seeing a black blade sticking out of his chest.
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    "Dayum, what a fookin' borin' job. Like fookin' hell anybody will braek 'ere. Fook."
    As he was going through his everyday philosophy, he obviously couldn't spot a tiny vortex of energy in the corner behind him, slowly gaining form.

    I think I went a bit overboard with my enthusiastic shitty writing
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    A man, who crushed his opponents without a thought, like a steamroller machine and chose no alternative paths. Truly, a despicable human being.
    "Okay, tonight the real fun begins."
    "Oi, Maeyke! I'm goin' to make a short walk aroun' tha floor nao!" Yelled the security officer to his friend.
    "Ye ye, for all me cares," responded colleague.
    Hinco shrugged, grabbed his Beretta 92F and wandered away.
    Maeyke continued to sit behind the control table and started whistling.
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