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    1 Week Ago
    ...I'm not telling you! replied to a thread Dear DQ in News
    Sad to see it come to this, but I understand, and I'm sure everyone else does. With the Discord established, it's fair timing as well. It's the...
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    1 Week Ago
    Tyle replied to a thread Where we are now. in General Lounge
    So imagine, almost exactly 10 years ago, this kid ,who is in a little insignificant place called Hong Kong, slurping her instant noodles for lunch...
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    1 Week Ago
    username replied to a thread Dear DQ in News
    Oscar, is there any other websites you are on/going to be on for work related purposes? I'm kind of interested in following you if you choose to...
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    1 Week Ago
    username replied to a thread Where we are now. in General Lounge
    shit its been 9 years lmfao god 9 years ago i was...12? middle school so i was this dorky kid, cringey etc but really who wasn't in middle school...
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    1 Week Ago
    Razgriz replied to a thread Dear DQ in News
    Tyle had informed me about this news and I thought I might as well drop by. While there were a few bumps on the road during my time on DQ, this...
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    1 Week Ago
    Tyle replied to a thread Dear DQ in News
    Twelve freaking years. We all should be really proud of ourselves – especially you Oscar <3 I think I mentioned this a couple times in the past...
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    3 Weeks Ago
    Tyle replied to a thread RIP the forums man... in General Lounge
    *hops on to the page wagon* It's incredible to see after a decade, we're still standing though (even if we kinda moved to Discord).
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    Yea it is better than the english one!
  2. I dread that momment ._.
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    LOL, apparently so . I don't think i've met someone who has liked birds as you, much less someone whose owned so many birds.
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    What 1000 insert word?

    Well, for the show Doimand and Pearl... I couldn't see all of the episode because my grandmother cut off half of the cable!
    And yea...... Pokemons are not meant to be Gods! they should just be good-loving pets, instead of animal abusing them!
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    I could draw and post but I just don't have the right computer to put it in in camera chip, my computer doesn't have that thing.......

    Yea..... Hoenn reign rocks! but Sinnoh is now starting to sucks because of the ugly pokemons aspecially this one!:

    WTF? A mustache?
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    Oh that's what you meant?
    Lol! I've like pokemon eversince I was 4yrs old!
    Been playing alot, I have Red, FireRed, not silver gold or crystle yet..... but got sapphire emerald and had ruby but lost it. In emerald I'm breeding pokemons!

    Lol! Gust wind!
    you've read my post right?
    i hope its not too childish!
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    Playing what thing?
    I haven't got added yet....

    Lol! I notice you did got some moves from pokemon!
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    Lol thnks again TYLE1001! Your a great friend!
    Did you read my post?
    Cool! I read your thing! And awesome! You could summon birds! And I like the way you draw too!

    Lol! Sry! Got no Eletric type!
    But ya know! With me, swampert, flygon, and aggron, but could so easily pwn eletric, ground, fire, rock, and flying type pokemon! It's so friken awesome!
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    Oh don't worry, you and I are in the same posting place!
    So does Mattbot PMs me and gives me my role?

    My teams in my Emerald are called the 'Elites'!:
    Swampert- Blue Fin, my strongest pokemon!
    Flygon- Dark Eyes, my 2nd strongest pokemon and could fly!
    Aggron- Iron Tail, my badass one!
    Breloom- Mushroom, my kickass one since he's a fighting type one!
    Kadabra- Psy, of course, the telekineses one! (I wish he was a Alakazam!)
    Sableye- Ghost Eyes, the cool one!

    Nice team you got there!
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    Oh ok thanks!

    OMG! I thought about that! Pokemon in REAL Life!!!
    That will be so pwnging!
    I would so have a Swampert named Blue Fin and a Flygon named Dark Eyes!
    And a couple of more pokemons!!
    And i agree with you on the friendship part!
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    yep, but they're all retards, so its quite challenging at some points.

    6+4=10, where did the other four come from? =P

    also, i used to have 2 cats(gave them away more then ten years ago, and no they aren't the cats we have now ), 4 fish(all of them killed each other), a genie pig(spelling?)(died cause the helper didn't check the lettuce cause it wasn't clean), a dog(it was a desert dog and couldn't be trained, so we gave it to a farmer), 2 birds(gave away), 2 turtles(not sure what happened), and a rabbit (for a few days, we returned it cause it was chewing all the electric wires)
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    No f****** way!!!!!!!
    But i didnt get the part where you could play the girl character or not....
    Can you pick the girl as your character, or is she supposed to be your rivel?

    Oh and you forgot to give me the link to the group thing again!
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    Lol, hi. Bored lately.
  14. Birds
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    yeah i do. Owls used to be my favourite, don't have a favourite though.

    Ironically, i have 4 cats at home
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