The Orion Rebellion comic updates

  1. Mattbot
    By threats and popular demand, I have begun attempting the comic conversion of one of the rpg's I take part in. The rpg itself is set in a strong, deep science fiction universe created by Hyperion full of all manner of Space Kraken and Bearshark (my contributions naturally). The plot of the game is about a small group of survivors from various backgrounds who have landed in possession of a malfunctioned enemy cruiser able to help aid the reclamation of a universe taken by a race of space crustacean Nazis.
  2. Mattbot
    The party so far consists of:
    Tiberius Napoleon Tigarius: An ex Alliance officer and nominated team representative.
    Elia Kasheen Something of other: A Black ops Monaron and the most sane of the group.
    Ceglan 'Jericho' Varlinius: A boisterous, violent, merc with a heart of gold and testosterone.
    Soren: The ultimate pilot who although the most feeble in the group, wields a mortar for a weapon.
    Kia: The ship's newly turned sentient A.I. merely trying to keep itself alive in a world that cannot accept it.
    Bob: The religious pacifist who builds explosives and resurrects the dead as his zombie minions, nothing to unusual there.

    Better info here:
  3. Mattbot
    Currently listening through our recorded sessions taking notes in a desperate attempt at forging a scrip from the multiple in jokes and insane actions (mainly, if not all from myself) into a serious piece of work. I jest though, the in character dialogue is great, the setting is well thought out and realistic. the result should work pretty well and will be a lot of fun to work on

  4. Mattbot
    Now that I've been given the appropriate ship designs I can finally able to get started on this!
  5. Kreekakon
    Nais, looking forward to it
  6. Mattbot
    Kreekakon you are the man! I didn't expect anyone to find this for a while lol

    Cheers for the comment! ^^
  7. Kreekakon
    Actually it was just some random urge that I decided to visit this place for the first time in weeks, and then "last updated an hour ago lol?" Brilliant stroke of luck I must say!
  8. Mattbot
    Quick preview of page 3


    Still working on the light in that one colored panel
  9. Kreekakon
    I can only barely make out what's going on in that colored panel. But, like you said, you were working on it
  10. Mattbot
    Completed page 3 now I have to go back and finish the space battle :3

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