Part 3 - The Sickness

  1. NoxArcana
    (Part III. We last left off when Boomer was preparing to blow the dam, Nox, Lloyd and Etrius are still inside the base, and Lloyd is free of the Infection. But now we have no cure. Again. So we've got to make it out before time runs out. Ready? Go!)

    Lloyd lingered under the surface of consciousness, unfamiliar sounds echoing around him. Finally, the darkness in his vision gave away, seeping back into the edges, and the room around him took shape. Nox stood an arm's length away, looming over the shattered fragments of her sapphire sword. Etrius was arguing with her, something about wasting the cure, but Nox wasn't paying attention.
  2. NoxArcana
    Fifty feet below the dam, the elevator door slid open and The General marched out, carrying the orb with the cure inside. He made his way around crates and large boxes until he came to a stop by a team of men, surrounding something.
    "Sir," One of them announced, "We found this hidden in our storage area and disabled it ASAP." He gestured to Boomer's stack of explosives that he had planted earlier.
    "Keep it armed," The General said, waving them away. "We can't afford to have this base standing anymore."
    The man blinked. "Sir?"
    "Follow my orders," He said, and that was final. "Set it to detonate in five minutes to give us enough time to leave."
    The man hesitated before giving the order, and they were out of there.
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