i don't have the time so just read

  1. Wadling
    guys just a heads up i'm gonna make this quick as i don't have much time to write this 'cuz like the rest of you it goes without saying that i am far too cool and busy to write like everyone else so just be glad i'm even taking the time out to help you at all

    so yeah i've been pretty underwhelmed by the limitations on the condescension of writing like this i mean obviously this is a perfectly viable option for guys like us to show our superiority and that we have transcended the need for punctuation but i mean come on there must be more to it than that

    that was me a few hours

    i have found the solution

    we need to find a way to write in comic sans on this forum

    then our transformation into the comic sans-sans-shift guild will be complete
  2. Maddermadcat
  3. Aval
    yes yes genius
  4. Killing_Time
    This right here is how you create rogue admins.
  5. DrunkCat
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