Det. Frank Rossi

  1. Maddermadcat
    Name: Frank Rossi

    Age: 36

    Race/Ethnicity: Italian

    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Dangerous habits have rendered his face sickly and sagging, pushing his apparent age up by a decade. His hair, thick eyebrows and dense stubble are black but visibly growing grey. He is rarely seen without his shabby raincoat.
  2. Maddermadcat

    Rossi was removed from Italy too young to remember much of his brief life there, but old enough that the language still colours his speech. Tragedy struck his family when he was only twelve: his father washed ashore after a fishing trip, hideously crippled and mad. He succumbed to his injuries days later, leaving Frank and his family with little more than a cryptic warning. Frank grew into a withdrawn and curt young man, and proceeded to join the police force as soon as he was able. He was quickly promoted to become a detective.

    His distrust of everyone he meets and his short temper have earned him a reputation as an excellent investigator, but also the ire of his fellow officers. Alone, hated and miserable, Detective Rossi is either oblivious or unconcerned about his crumbling life, focused solely upon a secret obsession.
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