Project Friggin' Boomer Character Info 3.

  1. Cyanrain
    Now really, I need every one of you to fill this, incase I want to draw any/all of you.

    General Info:

    Full Name:

    General Looks:

    Eye Colour:
    Hair Colour:
    Other Characteristics:


    Fighting Skills:
    Other Skills:

    (summ up)

    Include Picture Here: (if you have one)
  2. Cyanrain
    General Info:

    Nickname: Cyan
    Full Name: Rio Willis
    Height: 168 cm
    Age: 14

    General Looks:

    Eye Colour: Cyan/blue/green
    Hair Colour: Light brown
    Clothing: Generally likes to wear turtlenecks, an elegant black coat, dark blue jeans and massive black shoes.
    Accessories: Somethimes wears a hat or gloves
    Other Characteristics: Her eyes are puched, due to lack of sleep


    Weapons: A katana, a sniper rifle and a revolver.
    Fighting Skills: Quick, flexible, exellent marksman, able to controll water, good swordsman
    Other Skills: Arts of many kinds

    She can be very cheeky sometimes. Inclinable to insult people, even friends. She doesn't like revenge, since it earns nothing to her. She loves showing off though, and is very honest towards friends, while she can lie well to enemies.

    Include Picture Here: (if you have one)
  3. Cyanrain

    I couldn't fit it in the post above.
    I also couldn't fit that she can use bows and crossbows, but doesn't carry them around.
  4. Cyanrain

    PEOPLE!!! I need filled ID cards here! Wanna draw a group picture DX!
  5. Lt. Shepard
    Lt. Shepard
    General Info:

    Nickname: Coollady
    Full Name: Charlotte
    Height: 5ft 10

    General Looks:

    Eye Colour: Dark brown, almost black.
    Hair Colour: Dark brown.
    Clothing: Blue checkered shirt, light blue jeans, black shoes.
    Accessories: Coloured string bracelet on right wrist, silver ring on left hand on fourth finger.
    Other Characteristics: Hair is shoulder length and fringe covers the left eye.


    Weapons: Sword with symbols.
    Fighting Skills: Fast, skilled in one on one combat, control dark magic mainly and very little light magic.
    Other Skills: Secret ;)

    Very shy, quiet but stubborn in some situations. Can come across as cold hearted at times, but has a kind heart deep down. Takes a lot to bring it out =P Very loyal to her friends and doesn't like to show her emotions.
  6. fruitcake
    General Info:

    Nickname: Fruitcake
    Full Name: Giles Creus
    Height: 1m75

    General Looks:

    Eye Colour:blue.
    Hair Colour:dark blonde.
    Clothing:likes skateshoes,hoodies and jeans.
    Accessories:wears sometimes sporttape a necklace and a cap.
    Other Characteristics:/


    Weapons:an m16 with accessories, a pair of .357's and a katana.
    Fighting Skills:excellent in submissions and a good technical wrestler but knows from every type of wrestling a lot of moves, can react fast,good marksman.Can get in a long adrenaline rush.
    Other Skills: (sometimes to much) eye for detail.Learns fast and has a very good memory.

    Personality:He's sometimes shy but can get very open. Can't react assertive but aggressive. Can get very emotional, knows what's right. Can sometimes be a daredevil but he always thinks what the consequences could be.Sometimes he's a little bit clumsy.
  7. Cyanrain
    This RPG totally needs a Cyborg *scribles*
  8. Scythe Cat
    Scythe Cat
    Cyan Dam it!! Dx>
    The 4th or 3rd time you made another thread like this!!!
  9. Cyanrain
    What's wrong with it? Why is it bad if I want to know more about the characters, and, I don't know, maybe DRAW A FREAKING GROUP PICTURE?????!!!!!!
    Seriously, Scythe Cat, it's like every discussion in this group that's not the RPG is spam.
  10. Scythe Cat
    Scythe Cat
    Yea!! But you could've went to your other group threads instead of making new ones!!! <:/
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