Lloyd story

  1. emperorbrandon
    I think the secret thing they are makeing is about Lloyd and what he dose in that tower while Boomer and the overs try to get out
  2. Mist Fang
    Mist Fang
    i dont know it may be about him but i think i know what might have hapent to him. iv spent some time going over this and here is what i think....
    (im going to make a nuther post just give me a a bit of tome to get all this shit together. im really un organized.)
  3. Mist Fang
    Mist Fang
    ok here i go!
    here is what i think hapend to him:
  4. Mist Fang
    Mist Fang
    it starts with the floor brakeing

    Beecher jumps

    just making it, with Boomer at the other side

    Loyds left on the other side

    Boomer and Beecher know that he wold never make the jump

    a bolder falls and they jump out of the way

    but Loyd gets hit

    and what i think hapend after that is the deimons bite him and the same thing hapens to him as Etrius he gets posesed (i dont think i spelt that right). But they coldent treet him cuz well he got left behimed.
  5. Mist Fang
    Mist Fang
    so this hapend
    Ray sees him

    but its not really him

    then Ray shoots him

    and this hapens

    and after ray falls back,"Lloyd" just disapeirs

    so ya, that is what i think hapend to him.
  6. Nico
    On the FAQ, It said that an "Evil Creature" was crushed by the boulder, so it doesn't really make sense.


    "Was that Lloyd who was crushed by a falling rock in the altar room?

    No, it was an evil creature. "

    What really happened was that he was trapped on the other side of the room with all the Evils- And that's all Oscar showed us.

    But that part with Ray confuses me - maybe Lloyd was an illusion?

    Etrius wasn't possessed though. He just inherited the Wise One's power- I think. It has nothing to do with being bitten.

    ( I edited this 6 times lol )
  7. emperorbrandon
    I HAVE A IDEAR the leader of the evils the MASTER OF EVIl maybe just maybe possessed Lloyd like the wise one possessed Etrius and is going round the castle to rally his evils to attack the real world and ran into Ray but the real Lloyd (who is fighting him from inside) stoped him from killing Ray what do you think
  8. Thiefmaster905
    I'm not sure if Lloyd is dead or not, but a lot of the things that are going on inside the castle have a lot to do with him. When Etrius absorbed the powers of the artifact, i believe he and the Wise One may have joined minds. The Lloyd that was seen by Ray may not have been Lloyd, but an illusion the Wise one had created, or the evils power, the parasite, messing with Ray's head, which it also did to Mullins. When "Lloyd" said, "Do you know what its like being torn apart alive?" I believe, if it was the wise one, referring to how he was killed on his last stand against the evils, and it was his own foreshadowing of Ray's, non-exsisting doom. Or, if it was this "parasite", it was the parasite's way of saying "do you know what its going to feel like when you I tear you apart alive?" I don't think it was referring to Lloyd being torn apart alive.
    When Lloyd's name was being called(which in fact saved plisskon's life) I think that may have been Etrius looking for him, calling his name.
  9. Nico
    Yeah... It's Amazing to know how important Lloyd is in the whole working of things... He's probably more important that Boomer!
  10. NorthernSkies
    from what i saw in the Prologue, Lloyd bears a resemblance to the Wise One.
    I think he somehow got possessed by the Wise One and when he appeared in front of Ray it was the Wise One saying "do you know what it's like being torn apart alive" and not Lloyd.

    i don't think it was Etrius' voice at the end of Repercussion B. more like some twisted evil inside the castle.
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