The Horror

  1. emperorbrandon
    Dont watch it i repeat do not watch it if u do your mind will be worped and u will keep watching it and make other people watch it and then the world we be controled by this crap film

    (a peek of what would happen if we all watched it)

    its the year 2050 all cast of twilight are dead and they body cut up and put in jars and sold on ebay the world is in madness everyone thinks they are vampires and werewolfs all bats and wolfs have been killed and there blood drank by people in a attempt to make them selfs more werewolf and vampire like and a war has broken out between the fake vampires the fake werewolfs and the non-idiotic anyone want to here more?
  2. Mist Fang
    Mist Fang
  3. Rabbi106
    Here's an awesome review of New Moon:
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