General anime talk

  1. rainor
    You can talk here about anything that is anime and a bit off
  2. GolyBlood
    Anime is sweet. =D
  3. ide
    Can ya recommend some good anime? I have watched so far: Trigun, Bleach, Naruto(sucks) and Death Note.(in that order)
    So... Got any?
  4. rainor
    You could go watch: Elfen Lied, Spice and Wolf, Valkyria Chronicles, 07 - Ghost, Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch. In that order of epicness
  5. XdbX
    Soul eater. It's good and long. ish... okay so i think it lasted like 50 episode but thats good for anime.

    Did you watch trigun as a dub or a sub.

    You might like Slayers not that i know why... i don't even know why i watched the first season and the seconds season

    You have to watch
    Ouran host club. It's really funny and dumb
    This is a link to the publisher page that has both all the subs and dubbs of it.
    It's legal to. you could also go to youtube and watch episodes that are legal. Go to the funimation page on it.

    AND WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT RAINOR *he's IM me on steam*
  6. rainor
  7. Hman355
    Lool awesome's epic XD

    Oh and Ide..i know i bang on about it all the time but you really should watch Chrome Shelled Regios it's great...
    also watch some Wolf's Reign i think it's about 20 episodes but that's a very high quality dose of anime there...
    (Lol "dose" i make anime sound like a drug XD)

    try these sites...they have quite big anime archives...
    If you look down the right hand side there should be a pic with Anime list on it click and view all the anime from A-Z...its even got "Bobobo-bo bo-bobo" XD
    It has animes on there that Animecrazy doesn' it uses mainly Veoh to show streaming videos but there is also the d/l downside is that they completely love off One piece :S
  8. rainor
  9. Vracer
    *cough* FullMetal Alchemist *cough*
  10. XdbX
    phantom :S
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