1. Damian
    This will be our weekly "meeting" thing. Basicly, We discuss everything related to the comic; release dates, progress, story ideas. It lasts for two days out of each week, afterwords I'll clear out the discusion, preparing it for next time.
  2. Damian
    Issue two is more story oriented than issue one. in fact, issue one is just to test out how this setup will work. Issue 2 will introduce the characters and the rules a little more.
  3. demonickilla
    Alright, just pm me when we are starting issue 2.
  4. ...I'm not telling you!
    ...I'm not telling you!
    I've finished pages 1 and 2 now, so I'll start work on 3 tomrrow, for no I'm gonna doa bit of work on opened
  5. Damian
  6. ...I'm not telling you!
    ...I'm not telling you!
    Ok, I'm gonna start oage 3 now
  7. Damian
    cool. I'm getting started on the script for issue 2.
  8. ...I'm not telling you!
    ...I'm not telling you!
    Well, I'm one panel away from finishing the third page
  9. Damian
    awsome. I'm working on writing pag fie of issue 2.
  10. ...I'm not telling you!
    ...I'm not telling you!
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