Taking over the world.

  1. Damian
    how should we do it? no, nrocha20, you can't join.
  2. ...I'm not telling you!
    ...I'm not telling you!
    Here's what we do. We need, to gather an armada of people, to trails the desert, and kill a band of terrorists, then when we have the U.S presidents trust, we kill him-and blame it on Gordon Brown! Then while this war between America and England is going on, we take the world power grid, and unless are demands are met-(world domination) we send them all back to the dark ages! AAHAHAHAHAHAH!
  3. Damian
    nice one.
  4. Wolf Lover
    Wolf Lover
    Whos nrocha20? And why would anyone want to rule the world?
  5. Damian
    nrocha20 is a member who's ben bannaed for awhile but he just came back, and he's always ranting about taking over the world. I would want to rule the world caus it wld be fun.
  6. The_Chandraps
    Thats a nice plan INTY
  7. Damian
    my plan: Create a clone of the president, brainwash the clone into doing whatever I say, replace the real president with the clone, clone all the members of congress, do the same thing, make the congress clones introduce a law that will make me absolute ruler of USA in the event of a war with Mexico, then start a war with Mexico, become absolute ruler of USA, invade Mexico and Canada, add them to the Dictatorship of Me, then kill Sarah Palin, and train the wolves rescued from her into super elite combat wolves, use the combat Wolves to invade Europe and Asia, use my ever growing army to invade Africa, then finally, I take over Austrailia, thus making me absolute ruler of he world.
  8. The_Chandraps
    What about New Zealand?
  9. Damian
    When I say "North America," that incudes all the islands surrounding the continent.
  10. The_Chandraps
    Where right next to Austriala and you forget us! I'm taking offense here!
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