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  2. HI TAWL
  3. ogmomgogmogmmg
  4. omg lyk oscar is ther goin 2 be a new castel??? lloyd is so cool n i want 2 no wat happnd 2 him???1
  5. OMG!!! i own teh cpyrite to mattews but u can use him 4 sure. I hav an imge in paint n wil mail it to u. I dnt hav a mic to rcord voice tho but we cld do it thru skype or msn and u recrd it??? im nly 13 yrs but sound rely matre 4 my age.
  6. Can I lyk do sum voices in teh nxt 1? I've gt a gret idea 4 this new chrcter. Hes cald Mattews n hes teh genrals bdygard. Hes a fiting exprt n cld fite boomer n beecher, that wld b so kool!!
  7. Omg relly!?!?!? U r lyk so quik!!! I luv u!!!
  8. Oscar, so wen iz teh nxt Cstle cmng out!!!!!1!1!
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