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  1. How's that stuff going for you? Computer stuff's kinda over me even though I have an older brother who works as a software engineer for Microsoft...
  2. I'm a web developer/designer at a small company.
  3. Yea, we're doing well, considering we're only having 4 rehearsals including the dress right before the concert.

    Where do you work again?
  4. Sounds good (or did it? ahe).

    Working working working.
  5. Quite good. Just got home from a rehearsal for a local pro orchestra.

    How about you? What's new with you?
  6. Mighty fine, thank you. And you good sire?
  7. And how are you doing on this fine day?
  8. Hey, there. Just wondering, but on a phpBB, how do you change the usertag underneath your username? The answer would probably be something dumb, but whatever.
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