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  1. I have to admit, after I wrote that last comment, I had to lower the difficulty on some levels, some of them are almost impossible on Expert or Purist, so if you like challenges, look forward to completing the game on Expert or Purist.
  2. I'm playing it on Expert (The same as Purist which is the hardest difficulty except Expert has the HUD and Purist doesn't), it's quite a challenge I must admit but entertaining.

    I'm trying to be as stealthy as possible but I'm not expecting any Silent Assassin ratings in my first playthrough, I'll see if I can get at least a few Silent Assassin ratings in my next playthrough on Purist.
  3. I'm playing it on normal this first time around, just to get the story and get a feel for the game. Then I'll go through harder difficulties and get silent assassin for the sake of it. How about you?
  4. Just out of curiosity, what difficulty level are you playing on in Hitman: Absolution?
  5. Hey Oscar, for how long have you been working with 3D software? And can you suggest any place to gain knowledge about 3D modelling and rendering?

    I use Blender 3D by the way and they have some tutorials on their site, very detailed and useful but there aren't that many.

    I think I got the hang of render options but I'm really struggling with modelling.

    thank you in advance.
  6. Thanks for the update!
    DQ look so awesome now!

    It's easier to navigate too.
  7. @Frank & Khorne47
    That reminds me of when i joined the forums, i read the rules multiple times cuz i was so afraid to get banned, also DQ is the first forum i have ever joined!
    So i wasn't really familier with anything here, so i didn't get a single shit of what people were talking about.
    Recieved some infractions for double-posting, i thought double-posting meant reposting thesame thing over and over again.
    It's sad to see new members aren't paying attention to the FAQ and rules nowadays.
  8. Did you know you're famous on DeletionQuality forums!? O__o
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