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  1. Not yet, currently I'm still getting used to tools, coloring and the like.
  2. Yeah it's really nice But sometimes I export my .SAI file to .PSD and open it with GIMP, it provides some nice colour and filter options.

    GIMP and SAI can handle .PSD files, without filters and typography of course. Btw, have you tried the lineart layers in SAI? Editing rasterized lineart is fun fun.
  3. You were right. Paint Tool SAI > Gimp and the rest
  4. Thank you for help, I really appreciate it ^^
  5. Aye mate, I'll help you get started with Paint Tool SAI. Log in on Skype
  6. Sugoi desu.
  7. Yeah, I know there's oversaturation with recons in there, though I'm not that bad.
    I also have robo with a large jaw and manly moustaches. And a very angry female assault.
  8. All my characters are females lvl 50, but there's one assault that looks like an angry business man with too much muscle mass btw, Rimmy plays GA too.

    Sniping at lvl 50 with skills set to 4/0/9 makes you "two-shot" the majority of all players >:3
  9. I've just started playing it. It's really fun when you get a big, good team and play missions together and it can be really difficult too. I play as a female recon (because males seem too bulky to be agile for a recon - you know, roleplaying) and I'm at level 25 right now. Sniping is awesome.
  10. I sure do, but it's not as fun anymore. The computer I'm using right now doesn't support recodring of any kind which means I'm bound to text chat in-game (screwed up motherboard). I'm used to coordinate my teams very precisely before and during combat, can't do that anymore :<
  11. Do you still play Global Agenda?
  12. Oh dear.
    Well I wish you good luck
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