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  1. That's Wilson yes. It's a tiny tiny piece of my Don't Starve comic I've been submitting on DeviantArt since May
  2. Is that Wilson in your avatar?
  3. Quite good, thank you! *sips glass of maple syrup*
  4. *sips tea and wears monocle*

    And how is Ivyn this fine day?
  5. I know this is old but i have to quote it

    *Ivyn comments Rezuths profile page* Well aside from being an eel, what's your job here?

  6. Lol I saw that coming

    Well I guess I could, not too much homework is bothering me this week. PM me if you have any ideas.
  7. You are a pretty good artist! You think you can do an avatar for me, pweese? :3
  8. That is quite an interesting avatar there
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