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  1. Nevermind, I think I read through the thread a little too fast.
  2. rename it to what?
  3. Cody, I can rename your thread so it doesn't get mixed up with the furry culture. It seems you've accidentally given people the wrong idea of what the thread's purpose is.
  4. I was being general, it's not just there that you express so much self-hatred and will to destroy yourself. Just enjoy you're healthy, young and ambitious and the many possibilities these qualities will give you if you're willing to take and fight for them.
  5. I don't know how many times I have to say that I'm not butthurt, or depressed, or angry or any of those things. I'm working based off of proof. vic jumped on me for no reason and everybody else followed suit. madder understood what I said instead of trolling me. now please just stop and let everyone else should stop as well.
  6. lol oh
  7. "Look at my techy stuff loooook"
  8. but i am nothing like net... *is confuzzled*
  9. Oops. Getting kinda nooby cuz I haven't been around much Sorry, won't happen again ;)
  10. hehehehehehehehe......
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