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  1. I get that ^^. To be fair, it's the combat that's changed the most
  2. Wow, it looks so different, but it kinda feels the same to me too
  3. Well here's a look at an upcoming future update =P
  4. How much has it changed? :l I'm too scared to look
  5. Good stuff, gives you two plenty to do all the time ^^. As for Runescape, you might find some of those memories have been smothered. The game's changed massively!
  6. Yes, 68 :p Me and my partner get in for free Oooooooo, Runescape brings back some memories
  7. 68?! Well, working at a cinema I guess that's fair ^^. As for me, just been playing games for entertainment really, Runescape, Shovel Knight and some co-op games with my sis =)
  8. You haven't seen much at all! :p I've been making a list since I started working at the cinema, I've seen 68 movies in cinemas this year :p I've been playing Metal gear Solid: The Phantom Pain in my spare time, and League Of Legends whenever my friends have been online :p What about you?
  9. Not much of a movie person any more to be honest, way into my games ^^. What movies have I seen this year...uhm...FROM this year =P. Saw Avengers II but that was just a bit of fun really...what the fuck else have I seen this year from this year?! =P Inside Out too. Y'know the middle of that film was pretty weak for me but the rest was pretty between the 2 movies this year that I've seen, sure, Inside Out! =P
  10. Fair enough, everyone has their own interests What movie has grabbed you the most this year? :p
  11. I dunno' I've just not been interested in that one. It sounds pretentious as fuck I know =P, but I've thought a lot about people in the last few years - a lot. So a film based around the idea of someone being alone and surviving on a supposedly dead planet, Earth trying to save it just doesn't captivate me enough personally. Not saying it sounds bad! Just doesn't grab me is all ^^
  12. I watched The Martain, you should totally watch The Martain.
  13. Well you'd have the unfinished business of still needing to scare them...^^
  14. I was thinking more of hiding behind doors and things with a mask at night :p Killing myself doesn't guarantee me becoming a ghost now, does it? :p
  15. I'm pretty sure a man in a bedsheet with a face scribbled on won't scare them
    Unless you plan on killing yourself to make the ghost. In which case, I admire the dedication to your art! =P
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