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  1. I think it would probably be better to remake the textures in the style of powder instead of just importing the textures.
  2. I kind of have this silly notion that I'm going to take Powder's tileset and convert it to a Minecraft texture pack.

    Some textures will have to be remade to resemble their corresponding objects, like doors, since Minecraft uses a texture twice the normal size, but on the whole it's very convenient, being already 16x and such.

    I'm also considering making iron doors use the same texture as stone brick walls (which I am mapping the white brick tile to) to create the effect of 'hidden doors'
  3. Usually I listen to some chiptune music while playing the game. I keep a good 4 hour playlist of the stuff on shuffle while playing, as I'll play for long periods of time.

    Also, a little semantic note about the game. '117' is the release number, the game is just 'Powder'.
  4. That sounds like a plan.

    Also, I listen almost solely to Daft Punk's album, Discovery, whenever I play Powder 117 and now I associate all the music with wandering through dark corridors as a little pixel guy
  5. Try alternating between Wizard and Warrior. You get the best of both worlds, and twice the boons that adventurer gives.
  6. Typically I go warrior, but I am starting to really appreciate the unmeddled gameplay of adventurer.

    I do occasionally play mage/wizard but I don't really have the skill for it.
  7. Also, if you need help with the game, check out the Powder wiki. I wish I had access to it when I was starting out, but it was created a year or so after I started playing.
  8. Yep. It's been in the game for years, but it's only hinted at in the description for the buggers.

    The REAL danger comes from level 6 and 7, when you start running into Kobold Assassins. If you're too low a level to beat one, the only thing you can do is lock it in a room and hide/barricade all the doors, as they're one of the only enemies that can open doors. Even to this day the bastards freak me out enough that I'll rather cast sunfire than fight one head on.

    What class do you use?
  9. Wait, seriously? Acid potions will prevent hardening?

  10. By the time I start seeing cockatrices, I'll usually have something on hand to deal acid damage to myself, like a spell, brown slug corpse or acid potion. In the later levels it becomes essential to have the "stone to flesh" spell if your god allows magic, as in addition to canceling the "turning to stone" intricate, you can get large amounts of food from casting it on boulders and walls.

    Of course, in a pinch you can zap the cockatrice with a wand of sleep and lock it in a room.
  11. Woo! I think the deepest I've actually reached is like the 6th floor. How the heck do you get past those cockatrices?
  12. Yes it is. Holy shit, after 2 years of that location being on my profile, somebody finally got the god damn reference!
  13. Is that location of yours a reference to Powder 117?
  14. Well I caved and got terraria... I've gotta say, its not... Bad. However in comparison to the game it was based off of, and the game THAT game was based off of, it's really nothing spectacular I guess.
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