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  1. Thank you! I just find vector to be the easiest style/drawing method for me so far, it's fast, easy to edit and DOESN'T require a tablet, woot!
  2. yo homes i just wanna go on the record that i really dig the digital art style you've got now!
  3. That's alright! Everybody's fairly busy, so there's no huge rush or anything. :33
  4. Haha, sure thanks!
    Kinda of a not-so-good news here, my mom is here for visit for a week(otherwise I live alone in Taiwan) so I'm going to be quite busy and will have a pretty low post count this week, but will go back on track right after that. This is the kind of schedule problem I was worrying about....but I'll try my best to at least get a starting post very soon.
  5. Hey, just so you know, if you need any lore info/other info that you're not sure about, feel free to ask and I'll fill you in (unless it's spoilers)!
  6. Well...I have one but I prefer using Skype for family use only, so consider it a no, sorry

    I do have a Steam account for chat however, even though it's not for group chat.(not to menton the whole timezone thing makes it kinda troublesome for live chat with most DQers - I'm on the +8 zone and most DQ activity happens during midnight from my pov)
  7. (I should also mention that we don't call or anything. It's just chatting)
  8. Hey, do you have Skype? I'm making a room on there for Kill a God. (It's optional, but a good chance to scheme menacingly with fellow players :33)
  9. Me tooooooooooooooo
  10. Eyy I'm pumped! Welcome to the fun!
  11. Well nevermind that, I just found there's a guide book thread <:D My bad. I'll get my character's CS up in the thread in no time but, I think there's plenty of room for adjustment and discussion, I hope you'd like her.
  12. Heya Ducky, just saying that I'm pretty interested in your RPG! However, this would be my first RPG in DQ and I'm worrying about me not being able to contribute too much. I just want to know, when will the RPG estimated to start and how long&frequent should one average post be?
  13. I'm almost always around <:D
  14. Heya! Glad to see you're still about!
  15. Tell you what, I am definitely interested in taking part. Uncertain, but definitely interested UvU
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