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  1. Is it safe to assume this guy isn't going to be around for much longer?
  2. That's right. Most stuff in there is vector, like the characters. The ships are 3d models but the their frames are rendered into vector too.
  3. Aye Oscar, "Ride Like the Wind" was mainly vector animating, right?

    (Reason is because my Animation teacher is asking for vector animation example from the students that WASN'T a clip from My Little Pony)
  4. Hey. Yeah of course, why wouldn't you?
  5. Hey Oscar, can I make a thread for my minecraft server?
  6. Yaee.
  7. Gonna change your avatar to something non-christmasy soon? :3
  8. He actually used a spoon to dig its heart out.
  9. Why's Victor demoted?
  10. VictoryIsACunt is net, isn't it?
  11. Hmn, launches of new versions. Also, of course releasing Castle parts always gave huge spikes in traffic.
  12. Aye Oscar, aside from net being banned, what were some of the biggest things that happened on this site?
  13. I find it natural that it's quite actively discussed. It's the biggest news in a long time in the history of this site.
  14. Would you say that the forum is going overboard with the net discussion?
  15. Good good. Just not planning a marriage for the next few years.
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