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  1. I guess so ^^
  2. What matters is that you made something : D
  3. I'm doing my best, couldn't make it until yesterday though :/
  4. Good, good. You make momma proud.
  5. I'll probably post some screenshots tomorrow
  6. Get off your lazy ass and continue >: (
  7. I've been stuck on the courtyard for a long time, so there's barely any change from the last post I made. I've had a lot of things get in my way, but the biggest issue is probably that I can't figure out what to build around that thing.
    I need to get off my lay ass and continue ^^
  8. Yo. How's Minecraft Castle going?
  9. It's fun, I do it because I want to .
  10. No problem, mate. Thanks for your hard work.
  11. thanks, thread is up now
  12. Great, I will upload it and send you link then.
  13. I was thinking about making a thread, I wanted to make it when it's finished.
    But thinking about it now I guess that would take way too long. I'll go make it.
  14. Thanks!
    I have an idea, why don't you create a thread for this? I can upload this to mediafire so everybody else can download it and send you link.
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