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  1. Ah I get you, yeah I will admit it was a little unclear, I thought for sure the next page would be her looking at something terrible =P. And The Fins is pretty much the only consistent thing keeping me stopping by, I meant it when I said I was interested! As for not doing any drawings for 2 weeks, a family get-together's might be a good excuse ^^
  2. The 'oh no' is just there to say she's now completely lost and away from her only known landmark/possible shelter (the crash site), I'm sorry it wasn't clear! Will take note of that next time!

    Also, thanks for popping in! I went back to HK for some time at the end of July and spent nearly all my time with my family instead of drawing - just got back to the business 2 weeks ago
  3. Oh and as far as I'm concerned, high fantasy is just taking the fantasy genre and being creative with it from the perspective of scale/spectacle. So, clearly in the fantasy genre but not focusing on the typical tropes like Goblins and Ogres. Your star-whale certainly struck me as what I consider to be high fantasy ^^
  4. Honestly I generally tend to be interested in your stuff, you have a decent imagination behind your subject matter, you tend to use nice, clean art styles, and your stuff always tends to have a positive/inviting tone to it ^^. So yes, with the history of DQ users attempting to make comics, I'm definitely interested in seeing you finally try one =). And any comparison you bring up about Undertale is only going to make me more hopeful!
  5. You moved me so much for going out of lurking just to comment ;~;

    I HOPE Whale Fins counts as high fantasy??? The fact that monsters share the same earth as humans, but their existence is not known to us - though monsters' side will be all that I focus on (It's a little like Undertale <:v).
  6. Did that P.M actually send? I don't see it in my Sent Items folder >.<
  7. Fine by me!
  8. Heya
    I eh.....sent you a PM in SE about the party thingy it okay for you to take a look now?
  9. Am I the only one here who speak Mandarin?
    Oh and just realised there's another message above "tanka",thanks
  10. <_<
  11. I was saying "you're welcome",Mandarin is fun isn't it?
  12. ...<_< >_>...Wh...what :c?
  13. 唔使客氣:3
  14. Oh and Tyle? I don't think the style's you've got going for ya' would work with really detailed shading. Yours is a really cute, cartoony style =D
  15. Tanka
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