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  1. Goooood!
  2. I'll try, I'll try <:D
  3. In that case, you're doing a much better job than you used to!
    Trying not to lurk too much I guess <:D
  5. Lurky-lurk, what's up?
  6. /ovo\
  7. Oh, well good to see you aren't completely gone :3
  8. I lurk. :>
  9. I didn't know you were still around :O
  10. Thanks Tyle ^^,
  11. Happy Birthday:3
  12. It's still cool =D
  13. Don't consider me as a gamer though,I haven't even played Bioshock yet
    It started as two younger girls called me "big sister" at school(I'm old D=),then Kreekakon refered this Big Sister instead
  14. So, INTY's going to draw you as a Big Sister? The Big Sister is my favorite Bioshock Character, then on 2nd, it's the Bouncer model of the Big Daddy. =D
  15. Wow, nice =D
    I don't even think we have a "National Day" here in Denmark, if we have, then no one celebrates it

    Oh well, i'll get some sleep now, goodnight ^^,
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