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  1. F(ass)cinating... Hurhurr!
  3. dgkljhsæjgdhlk!
    Didn't know you were still around!
  4. You: "Is that what you want? To become THAT stupid and immature? If you listen to him, you'll be just as unintelligent and insane as him"

    Me: "Blablablah... You want an "IN YOUR FACE" build! That's what gives you respect and bitches!"
  5. You: "Now students, you want your build to look clean and classy! It shows modesty and a taste of style"

    Me: "DON'T LISTEN TO HER! You want your case to be all flashy n' shit! Your build is supposed to say "HEY LOOK AT ME! I'm a super hardcore gaming computer, I have glowing shit all inside me and I look like something taken right out of a Star Wars movie!"
  6. Hell yeah man
  7. Hey, shouldn't we start a school teaching nothing but computer stuff?

    Like, we'd be those kinda teachers that keep disagreeing with each other, and start a Fractal Design and Bit Fenix VS Cooler Master and NZXT war with each other?
  8. Cuz I got swaaaaagg! *tilting cap*
  9. don't mezz wit ma ho!
  10. 3 second rap lyrics:

    Yo Yo, Embryo
  11. ( •_•)
    ( •_•)> ⌐■-■

  12. Not if I can avoid it P:
  13. u no sleepz man? Me neither lol
  14. Woooah!
    I love your stuff! :B
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