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  1. <.<
    That's not a plane! It's superman =D
    *gets smacked in the face by superman*
  2. Me :~Yeah~ *Giggles like a moron* ~Oh look, a plain is coming right at us~ *giggles some more*
    Wait what?. O_O
  3. Oh god look there goes Dumbo and that mouse fella' *collapses*
  4. Me: O_O What?.*looks at the screen, pink elephants comes out and sings "The pink elephant song."*
  5. ...uhh...dude
    there are pink elephants coming out of the screen
  6. Surewhythehellnot /D *takes out some cocaine and sniffs.*
    Dude, i see pink elephants coming out of the screan *laughs* its so funny man /D.
  7. You wonna' get high?
  8. Happy Birthday fellow adversary! *salutes*
  9. Hell-stop stealing comment virginites!-o!
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