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  1. Hey now, I'm not old!
    And I do aye, but the account barely ever gets used sorry ^^'

    Do you haz Skype?
  3. Man you're right. this is just stupid...

    *boom headshots*
  4. No no, we are far better than that. We'll just have to do with...sandball fights.
    ...wait a minute we're in a Counter Strike map why aren't we all just sniping each other?!
  5. Hax?

    (damn message to short)
  6. Now how do you expect to have a snowball fight on De Dust?
  7. Counter Strike! D:
  8. Yeah don't worry about it, it'd take a lot more than that to make me sour with someone
    A snowball on the other hand-*throws snowball back*
  9. Well now when that's settled

    *throws snowball* :3 *runs*
  10. Eh, it didn't offend me TOH, but it did annoy me a bit. Let me explain, 'care to read' came across as quite blunt, and to get a response that's blunt, to a compliment does feel like a slap to the face. I don't hold it against you though, it was nice of you to ask if it offended me
  11. Aye

    I need to ask you, did I offend you when I said "Care to read?" in my art thread. Polo made a big deal about it so thought I'd ask you how you feel. I had no intention to a be a bitch :U
  12. Herpa Derpa?
  13. Herp Derp
  14. Did your challenge >:3
    Now I just need your verdict on whether it's a success or a fail
  15. idea how grateful I am for you showing me that.
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