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  1. I think the only way to somehow get things misty is using a small render distance, but that only looks nice when you play, it would look awkward for the screenshots. Grey sky should be no problem, I just have the clouds disabled cause the buildings are so large that they're going through midway.
  2. I think a whole lot of the feeling is from the mist and grey sky. I don't know if that's possible to add in Minecraft though.
  3. thanks, I'm not really happy with how all of it turned out, but I don't think I can get closer to the original.
  4. Looking good! I like the comparison shots
  5. Hope that looks alright, the towers that are seen still need to be built higher.
  6. I sent the others that are in what's coming now as links cause in the pics where I compare them they look distorted
  7. That first screenshot is really accurate Looking good.
  8. I think I just thought of a simple solution at least for the screenshots, I'll just use a potion of nightvision before taking pictures next time.
  9. Yeah that's true. I guess the Castle is kind of unrealistically lit in the series, just so that you'd be able to see anything
  10. well it's kind of dark cause of the fact that there just isn't really a place for a light source. Aside from the altar room shiny blocks would look very weird in there, so I left it without light sources. Unfortunately because of the roof there's barely any light and things can't be seen very well.
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